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The Cinematheque 24 Hour Movie Marathon


Welcome to The Green Screen of Death! We're thrilled to bring you our podcast we recorded throughout The Cinematheque 24 Hour Movie Marathon. This is the 3rd marathon, which seems to be hosted every two years. Our bodies may need that amount of time to recover between marathons!

We are not affiliated with The Cinematheque. We're just a couple of die-hard cinema lovers from Victoria. We're happy to make the journey to Vancouver for this wonderful event. If you're in Vancouver, be sure to support this wonderful place. They have outstanding screenings year-round.

The marathon started at 10am, we commented after each film. We took a few breaks here and there. It's fun to listen to Adrian completely lose his composure when it comes to hosting duties. *Spoiler alert* He may have hit the wall at around the 5am mark.

A huge thank you to the staff and volunteers at The Cinematheque, all of you rock and programmed one hell of a day for us. To our friends who joined us at the marathon, we love you! Great to see you, cannot wait until next time!

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