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Fantastic Fest Interviews 2016


Welcome to The Green Screen of Death! Thank you for checking out this special episode where I interviewed some friends during Fantastic Fest 2016. The goal of these interviews is to capture favorite moments, get peopled hyped for the festival, and to make others jealous! =p Big thanks to: Alex Spivey, Gray Whitten, Brendan Foley, Jonnie Chang, Tyler Mager, Alan Cerny. Twitter profiles and timestamps below!

0:00 - Intro

0:50 - Alex Spivey

5:06 - Gray Whitten Gray's ATLegOH! blog

9:35 - Brendan Foley Cinapse

13:58 - Jonnie Chang Top 5 Film Podcast

21:23 - Tyler Mager "My Name is Jordan" edited by Tyler (FREE MOVIE!)

31:38 - Alan Cerny

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